The Rooms

We provide a happy, homely and secure environment where all families are welcome and valued’

Safari room (0-2 years)
The front entrance, ground floor, leads to our spacious safari room. The bright and homely room offers a range of exciting and stimulating activities with plenty to explore and occupy inquisitive minds. There is a separate sleep area within the room and full nappy changing facilities.

Rain Forest and Sea-Shore room (2– 3 years)

This room is accessed via the rear entrance and is located on the ground floor. It is a large room split into 2 areas, both of which have the added benefit of free access to the outdoor play areas (one of which is undercover). This lovely space has ample opportunities for your child to play, explore and be physical.

Wise Owls pre-school (3-4 years)

Located on the upper floor of the Nursery is our large, spacious open plan pre-school.
This room has a more structured feel allowing children to become engaged and involved- persevere with tasks and make choices and decisions.
This room also has ample space for physical opportunities with its built in slide and fireman’s pole.