The Outdoors

We have three excellent outdoor play areas.
Two of our rooms  enough to open straight onto outdoor play areas.

Our front play area has a large, purpose built, walk in sandpit with surrounding water runs providing endless opportunities for children to dig, explore and investigate. Our ‘hobbit’ house with a natural growing roof,  inside children can rest, relax and access books or music. This is adjoined to our sensory garden where children can smell, touch and see various herbs and plants such as mint, lavender, thyme and sage. Here they can listen to a story on the natural seats made from carved tree trunks and see the array of butterflies that visit and also help to fill up the bird feeders.

The rear outdoor play area has a large sail shade fitted for protection from the sun, and a little wooden cottage where children can access role-play or relax with a story book.

The freeflow play area has a waterproof shelter fitted to allow outdoor play whatever the weather.

Wellingtons, umbrellas and waterproofs  are also available  as we do like to experience outdoor play ‘all weathers’